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Job Opening: Entry-Level Web Designer at smithHOUSE

smithHOUSE is a young Phoenix-based creative agency that focuses on branding, web, and mobile. We enjoy the sweet spot that is in the intersection of design, technology, and business. We have an opening for an entry level Web Designer beginning January 1, 2017. This is a salaried position with...

18 Years Later: 10 Ironic Things About "You've Got Mail"

Technology, society, and business have changed since the 1998 film "You've Got Mail" suggested you could find love online.  Here's the most ironic details of the film that look ridiculous today. 

5 Innovative Brands Part IV: Digital Marketing and the Power of the Tribe

Today in our final blogcast in the series, we look at the power of the tribe, and an ad-free era of marketing. If you haven’t already, at least listen to part one of this series when I introduce our five innovative brands.

I’m most excited about today because it’s in line with what we do at...

5 Innovative Brands Part III: Collaborations We're Dying To See

This blog series in my attempt to bring to life concepts of innovation, strategy, branding, and digital marketing through real life companies who are doing it real time. Today in Part 3, we’re going to talk about the market value of collaborations, and show it by way of pairing our 5 innovative...

5 Innovative Brands, Part 2: How to Disrupt an Industry

Welcome to Part 2 of our 4-part series.  In Part 1, I showcased 5 fresh brands that we’ll use as case studies for the rest of the series.  If you haven’t yet, give that blog a read or a listen.

Today we're going to look at the disruptive force of our 5 fresh companies, but do it by way of first...

Innovative Brands and What We Can Learn from Them, Part 1

There is a lot of noise out there about digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, branding and innovation. You could read 100s of blogs and just as many books, and still feel like you are missing something.  This is because you’re reading about methodologies and strategies,...

Branding Phoenix: 5 Winners

Last week on my blog Branding Phoenix: 5 Losers, I singled out five places that need some love from designers.  This week, I want to give credit to the creative visionaries who have boosted the brand of our city. 

Branding Phoenix: 5 Losers

I took a drive with my family around our favorite parts of Phoenix over the weekend.  My conversations with my wife (also a designer) are pretty fierce. We see things that we love, and we also see things that drive us crazy.  

I took note of the good and bad, and I decided to put it all into a...

Designing a New Logo? Lessons Learned from 3 NBA Teams' New Branding

Sports teams are some of the most recognizable brands in America. One by one, college and professional teams are rebranding.  Pay attention and you'll find inspiration for branding your own team.  

The New Logo from Instagram Marks the Beginning of the End of "Flat Design"

Contrary to social media and news reports, Flat Design became a thing with Microsoft in 2011.  It was made cool by Apple with iOS in 2013, and now in 2016, it’s being exposed for its weakness. Proof: Instagram’s new logo.

Marketing Graduates: 6 Essential Skills for a New Era  of Marketing

Over the last couple of years, I've met with a lot of college students who were interested in becoming interns with smithHOUSE.  I've sat across the table from some young, bright minds and we chatter back and forth about the usual things: tell me about your course work, where do you thrive, etc.

What to Look for in a Website Proposal

In part 1 of this blog series, I discussed different selection processes for how to match your company with the right web design agency.  In part 2 of this blog series, I outlined one of those selection processes, the infamous Request for Proposal or RFP Process.  Today in part 3 of this blog...

Website Redesign RFP Process and RFP Template

In my previous blog, I explained three processes for selecting a web design agency. Each option is very similar to a style of dating. (blind dates, Facebook stalking, and The Bachelorette.) Today, I want to go a bit deeper in the final option: the RFP Process or The Bachelorette. I've included a...

Why a Website Redesign RFP Process is Like The Bachelorette

So you are ready to dump the old website and get started on a new one? Starting a new company and eager to make a statement online? There are a few ways to do get this started, and I want to talk through each of those options, and review what are the pros and cons for your company, and what each...

4 Reasons Why Barack Obama Had the Perfect Visual Campaign

April, 2016 - A Note from the Author

I wrote this blog in September of 2015. It took a lot of time to research, look at the numbers, and create the infographics. I went on to discuss my theories a couple weeks later on the Bad Business Podcast in October of 2015 (Listen here or ...

Reinventing an Icon: 3 Lessons Learned from the New Converse Chuck Taylor II

Listen to Matt talk about this blog on the Bad Business Podcast.

Why LinkedIn Sucks, As Told Through Memes

1. Creeping is okay once you put a tie on.

I never thought about this until I talked to my female intern. She told me that all of these guys who she has never met wanted to be her "professional friend."  It made me think of LinkedIn in a total new way.  We know that everyone looks each other up...

8 Logos that Should Have Been Better

I am obsessed with logos. Most people glide through their day with their eyes skipping around signs, ads, and storefronts and think nothing of the logos. Me? I get really emotional. I want to clap when I see good design. When I see bad logos, a little part of me dies.

4 Concepts That Every Project Manager Should Know


Most of your job will be defined by projects. How well you run those projects will define your career.

I'm obsessed with how good ideas are executed. You know, how that "ah ha moment" matures into an actual thing. Nothing is more interesting to me than listening to someone's new idea, and then...

Internships: Computer Science, Marketing, Graphic and Web Design

smithHOUSE is a young Phoenix-based creative agency that focuses on branding, web, and mobile. We enjoy the sweet spot that is in the intersection of design, technology, and business. -AND- We need help. Your help. Work with us!